OEM Heater Applications

//OEM Heater Applications

OEM Heater Applications

Brasch OEM Heater Applications - OEMModule
Brasch Modular OEM Heater
Brasch OEM Heater Applications
Brasch OEM Heater
Typical Applications
  • Preheat, Reheat, Bypass or Hot Deck
  • Single or Multi-Zone
  • Rooftop Air Handlers
  • Central Station Air Handlers

Brasch Manufacturing has the expertise to design and supply electric coils for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) marketplace. Our goal is to support and enhance the OEM’s design efforts and to supply them with a premium quality product that will reflect their own company’s high standards.

Negligible air pressure drop, accurate temperature control, efficiency, light weight, compactness, serviceability, durability and its inherent freeze-proof nature make electric heat an attractive alternative to steam or hot water coils in air handling units.

Brasch OEM Heaters are custom designed and constructed in cooperation with air-handling equipment manufacturers for specific applications. Careful consideration is given to configuration, size, air volume, temperature rise and cost. Design is based on the customer’s physical parameters and controls are selected to integrate with the requirements of the application. Dependability is designed in. Premium materials are used throughout. Coils are constructed using only A Grade 80/20 nickel-chromium resistance wire with stainless steel terminals and are derated to ensure long life.

Key Features
  • Integrated Control Systems
  • Draw Through or Blow Through Designs
  • Simple Installation
  • Exact Wiring Diagrams
  • Open Coil or Finned Tubular Elements
  • Factory or Jobsite Delivery