Cabinet Unit Heaters

//Cabinet Unit Heaters

Cabinet Unit Heaters

Brasch Cabinet Unit Heaters
Brasch BCUH Cabinet Unit Heater
Typical Applications
  • Stairwells
  • Schools and Churches
  • Entry Foyers

Brasch Cabinet Unit Heaters (BCUH) are ideal for commercial and institutional applications such as offices, stores, schools, churches and entry ways. Standard units include a disconnect switch, built-in 24 volt thermostat and disposable air filters but the Brasch Cabinet Unit Heater can be customized to meet your most demanding requirements.

All units have a beige powder coated finish over an 18 ga. steel housing that is 9- 1⁄2″ deep and 25″ high and are manufactured using steel sheathed finned tubular elements with full-length thermal protection.

Key Features
  • Independently Adjustable Dual (High / Low) Heat Settings
  • Dual Fan Speeds (except 480V)
  • Optional Summer Fan Switch
  • Customer Specified Mounting and Airflow Configuration