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News and Press Releases

Duct Heater and Gas Detector Price Increases effective 4/6/2015

Prices for Duct Heaters, Gas Detectors and Control Panels increase effective 4/6/2015.   Price lists have been mailed to all representatives.   Unit and all other heaters as well as parts and accessories are not affected.  Online pricing is currently available for Gas Detectors and all products that have not had price increases.  Duct Heater and Control Panel pricing are under construction as noted.

Refrigerant Detector BGS-RF-STD Is Discontinued

Due to decreased use of many CFC based Refrigerant gases and the subsequent decrease in demand for these detectors, we will no longer accept orders for the Brasch BGS-RF-STD detector.  Brasch will continue to provide parts and support for these units until September 1, 2017

BGS-XX-STD Repair and Calibration Ends January 1, 2013

Brasch Manufacturing began shipping BGS-XX-STD gas detectors in February, 2000.  Production of these units ceased in January, 2003 with the introduction of the GSE product line. Except for the RF and CD models, this series is at least 9 years old. Due to dwindling availability of parts and time consuming calibration methods, we will no longer offer recalibration or repair of these detectors after January 1, 2013.   What this means is that any BGS-CM-STD, BGS-ND-STD and BGS-NCM-STD detectors or any BGS-CM-TRNS, BGS-ND-TRNS and BGS-NCM-TRNS transmitters that require calibration or repair must be replaced with the current GSE-XX-L0 or LL0 detectors or GSE-XX-TRNS transmitters.

Please notify your customers of this at your earliest convenience to enable them to send obsolete detectors for recalibration or repair before the deadline.

Mercury Contactor Material Safety and Disposal Data

Some of our UL approved contactors contain limited quantities of mercury.  Federal environmental regulations require that mercury be disposed of properly to avoid potential liabilities.  If you have an end-of-life product that includes a mercury contactor you should download information bulletin I-701.  MDI, Inc. will process your requests for disposal.

MDI, Inc Mercury Material Safety Datasheet I-701 PDF  (192kb)

GDCP Analog Gas Detector Control panels replaced with GDCP-A

Our analog GDCP-0, GDCP-1, GDCP-2, GDCP-3 Gas Detector Control Panels have been phased out and are being replaced with the GDCP-A digital control panel models. Remote sensors are not affected. Technical support and service will continue to be available for all GDCP models. Representatives should download the latest gas detector pricing guide.

Brasch is now offering a Test Kit for carbon monoxide detectors and transmitters.  It may be used to assure proper function of your monitoring system and determine the need for recalibration.

BTUH Heaters Discontinued as of September 1, 2010

Effective September 1, 2010, Brasch Manufacturing has discontinued the BTUH heater line.  The BTU Series is now being offered in capacities from 2.5KW to 50KW. Download Bulletin A-140B for specifications or contact Bill Tucker or Don Schwab for further information.

Updated UL1996 requires disconnecting contactors be used in open coil duct heater applications For the safety of service personnel  performing work on or near an open coil duct heater, contactors used to control them must break all ungrounded conductors.

Paragraph 24.3.18 Requirement:  Mercury or magnetic contactors used on open coil electric duct heaters shall break all ungrounded conductors.  Phase break on three phase heaters shall not be permitted.  Where silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) are used, the safety contactor shall break all ungrounded conductors.  This requirement does not apply to sheathed type electric duct heaters.


If you have any questions about Brasch products that cannot be answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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