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Brasch GSE-TK-CO test kit

Brasch Carbon Monoxide Detector & Transmitter Test Kit

Typical Applications
bullet Maintenance
bullet Installers

The Brasch GSE-TK-CO test kit contains all supplies necessary for testing the performance of Brasch GSE series carbon monoxide detectors and transmitters in a controlled environment.  A regulated, selectable sample concentration of carbon monoxide gas is exposed to the sensor over a test interval producing effects that may be compared to predicted results.

The kit is housed in a secure, heavy gauge plastic case and contains sufficient materials to conduct approximately 100 tests along with complete, easy to follow instructions for its use.

The test kit is the most convenient and accurate method of assuring the proper operation of your CO monitoring system and to provide compliance with mandated testing or periodic maintenance procedures.

Kit Contents Literature
bullet Heavy Gauge Plastic Cabinet with locking provision
bullet Compressed Test Gas Tank
bullet Pressure Regulator
bullet 5' Plastic Tubing
bullet Detector Test Bracket
bullet Transmitter Test Chamber
bullet Stop Watch
bullet Operating Instruction Manual
GSE-TK-CO Zip Submittal Compilation of the following individual files (511 Kb)
bullet GSE-TK-CO Product Bulletin (299 Kb)
bullet I-691 Assembly and Operating Instructions (214 Kb)
bullet S-801 Sample Specification (8 Kb)
bullet GSE-TK-CO Submittal Form (76 Kb)


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