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Brasch GDCP-A Digital Gas Monitor Panel

Brasch GDCP-A Control Panel Brasch GDCP-A Digital Panel
(Gas Transmitters sold separately)

Typical Installations
bullet Commercial Parking Garages
bullet Condominium and Apartment Garages
bullet Tunnels
bullet Car and Bus Maintenance Garages
bullet Warehouses and Factories

Brasch GSE-xx Gas Transmitters Brasch GSE-xx-TRA Gas Transmitters (sold separately)

The Brasch GDCP-A Multi-Input Gas Monitor Panel is ideal for large areas necessitating multiple sensing locations.  The standard system can simultaneously monitor any combination of up to twenty Brasch GSE-xx-TRA sensors, and control up to six ventilation zones.  Each of the sensors can control any combination of the zones, giving the user complete flexibility from a central location.

GSE-xx-TRA transmitters are available in models to monitor levels of either carbon monoxide (CO) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2).  Transmitters may be wired in 'daisy chain' fashion up to 1000 feet from the panel to reduce field wiring.

Programmable features controlled by a tactile feedback keypad and liquid crystal display include: sensor type, ventilation equipment type, alert actuation concentrations and delay times for each sensor and zone.  Other features are manual ventilation control with three weekday and three weekend automatic time settings, and software activation or lockout of specific sensors or zones.

Key Features Literature
bullet Microprocessor Controlled
bullet Electrically Isolated
bullet LCD Readout
bullet Static Discharge Protection
bullet Low Voltage wiring to sensors may be daisy-chained
bullet Power Loss Fail-Safe
bullet Battery backup for memory and clock
bullet Corrosion Resistant Locking Enclosure with keys
bullet Full factory calibration
bullet For monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) gasses.


GDCP-A Zip Submittal Compilation of the following individual files: (429 Kb)
bullet A215 Brasch Digital Multi-Input Monitor Panel Brochure (110 Kb)
bullet I-690 Brasch Digital Multi-Input Monitor Panel Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (340 Kb)
bullet S720 GDCP-A Panel System Sample Specification (17 Kb)
bullet GDCP-A Typical Mounting and Wiring Diagrams (61 Kb)
bullet GDCP-A / GSE-TRA Submittal Form (76 Kb)
bullet GDCP-A Operating Sequence and Program Specification Form (18 Kb)



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