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Brasch Refrigerant Detector and Transmitter

Brasch Refrigerant Gas Detector Brasch BGS-RF-STD Refrigerant Gas Detector

Typical Installations
bullet Refrigerant Storage Areas
bullet Walk-In Coolers
bullet Food Packaging Plants
bullet Cold Storage Facilities

Brasch Refrigerant Gas Transmitter Brasch BGS-RF-TRNS Refrigerant Gas Transmitter

Brasch refrigerant detectors and transmitters provide an early warning of a refrigeration system leak.  Most refrigerants are not considered toxic, but they can displace oxygen and cause a hazardous condition.  When refrigerant is detected the BGS-RF-STD detector will operate ventilation equipment while actuating a remote alarm to avoid excess loss of refrigerant or refrigerated materials.  The BGS-RF-TRNS transmitter will supply a proportional signal to the Brasch Universal Multi-Input Monitor Panel.  Either can be factory calibrated for a number of commonly used refrigerants with your requirement chosen using an internal tamper-proof selector switch.

Key Features Literature
bullet Microprocessor Controlled
bullet Protected Solid State Sensor
bullet Factory Calibrated
bullet Static Discharge Protection
bullet Low Voltage Wiring
bullet Power Loss Fail-Safe
bullet Corrosion Resistant Enclosure
bullet Selectable Sensitivity Setpoint
bullet Adjustable Alert Time Delay
bullet 4-20 mA, 0-1 VDC, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC Output
bullet Detectable Refrigerants
R-11 R-12 R-22 R-23
R-113 R-123 R-134a R-141b
R-142b R-152a R-500 R-502
BGS-RF-D Zip Submittal Compilation of the following individual files (259 Kb):
bullet A178-3 Refrigerant Detector Brochure (40 Kb)
bullet I-681 Refrigerant Detector Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions  (156 Kb)
bullet S704 Refrigerant Detector Sample Specification (12 Kb)
bullet BGS-RF Detector Submittal Form (76 Kb)
BGS-RF-T Zip Submittal Compilation of the following individual files (180 Kb):
bullet A203-0 Refrigerant Transmitter Brochure (36 Kb)
bullet I-682 Refrigerant Transmitter Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions (81 Kb)
bullet S708 Refrigerant Transmitter Sample Specification (11 Kb)
bullet BGS-RF Transmitter Submittal Form (76 Kb)

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